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Westreme Battery

The Westreme Battery’s blockhouse. It was the only structure that survives from the whole battery. The wall of the blockhouse in the left side has a number of musketry loopholes for the soldiers stationed in it to fire their muskets. In the right side you can notice a door. That door is a secondary one. The main door is in the façade facing Mellieħa Bay.

Westreme Battery is unique in its design. There are no similar designs in the village of Mellieha. Although it has a semi-circular gun battery, like the others, only a quarter of it has a parapet with embrasures for the artillery. It has also a very large blockhouse, compared to other blockhouse in other batteries. Today only the blockhouse survives which was restored recently by the Mellieha Local Council.

Westreme Battery was probably financed by a knight bearing that name. There is no reference that indicates when the construction on this battery began.1 As had been mentioned earlier, the battery consists of a semi-circular gun platform, but the parapet only cover a quarter of it. The parapet had five embrasures for the artillery directing towards the mouth of Mellieha Bay. The rear of the battery is protected by a wall and in the middle of it there was a large blockhouse. The rear walls were fitted with musketry loopholes which acted as a redan to defend that area of the battery. 2

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2 Stephen Spiteri. Fortresses of the Cross: Hospitaller Military Architecture (1136-1798), A Heritage Interpretation Services Publication, Malta, 1994, p 517.

Researched and Written by: Charles Debono B.A.(Hons) History



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