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Fortifications - Eskalar Redoubt

Eskalar Redoubt is another redoubt which was built in the village of Mellieha. This redoubt was built between Tal-Bir Redoubt and Vendome Battery, to guard the approaches to L-Ahrax bayIt had, like the other redoubts, a pentagonal platform, surrounded with a low parapet and in the middle of the rear there was a blockhouse. It was built during 1715-16 and costed some scudi. There is no indication that Barriera Redoubt had any cannons stationed in it.1 Spiteri mentions that the redoubt still exists but during my research I did not find any evidence of its existence today.

1 Stephen Spiteri. Fortresses of the Cross: Hospitaller Military Architecture (1136-1798), A Heritage Interpretation Services Publication, Malta, 1994, p 542



Researched and Written by: Charles Debono B.A.(Hons) History

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