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Chapel of St.Joseph - Manikata

The Chapel of St. Joseph in Manikata was built in the second decade of the 20 th century. Later it was replaced by another larger church.

The Chapel of St. Joseph was built in 1920, when there were only twelve families living in Manikata. A number of people from this tiny village helped to build this chapel. Locals recall how the soft, honey-coloured stone was brought from Qasam Barrani quarry, while stronger stone, for the arches was brought from quarries in the north of Mosta. But with the growth of Manikata to over five hundred people the chapel of St. Joseph, which seated only 100, became too small for the religious needs of the locals. The rector, the late Fr. Manwel Grima, at the beginning wanted to enlarge the chapel, but later it was found to be impractical. So, it was decided to build a new church. But that is another story……1

Reference :

1. Charles Knevitt, Manikata: The making of a Church, p 7.

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