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Latnija Prehistoric and Roman Remains

In Latnija, in the west of Cirkewwa, a number of important discoveries were made two decade ago. The investigation was conducted by the Italian archaeologist Anati.

Here, a number of rock cut stairs were found that leads you to the sea, surrounded by a wall, which probably dates back to Roman Times. The entrance is closed by an iron gate. A number of pottery shreds were found and these are dated to Late Roman or Byzantine Period.
In the west of the previous site exactly near the sea a number of caves about 25 metres high were found. The archaeologists stated that it was inhabited in ancient and also in recent times. There are a number of rock cuttings in the caves dating back to the Roman Period and probably also in later times. 1

1 Fradkin Anati, Ariela & Emmanuel Anati (eds), Missione a Malta Ricerche e studi sulla Preistoria dell'Arcipelago Maltese nel Contesto Mediterraneo, Jaca Books, Italy, 1988, p 202.



Researched and Written by: Charles Debono B.A.(Hons) History

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