Twanny Darmanin - Artist

Twanny Darmanin was born in Balzan, Malta in 1951. Since childhood, he always showed a promising interest in arts, and he was inspired by some of the best Maltese artists of that time, like Gabriel Caruana and Antoine Camilleri.

He started his arts studies at the Paola Technical School between 1962-65, under the direction of Neville Ferry. Later, he attended a course in ceramics, under the tutorship of Gabriel Caruana, and then he attended the diploma course in art studies at the local School of Arts under the direction of Vincent Apap and Harry Alden.

Twanny Darmanin took part in three personal exhibitions, in 1981, 1983, and in 1996. In his second exhibition, he worked hand in hand with a Maltese poet. Together they combined paintings, sculptures, and poems. Twanny’s colorful paintings are inspired by cubism and surrealism, but interpreted in his own artistic way of painting, where the artist’s fantasies are merged with reality, and where his moods and feelings influence his dynamic paintings.

In the present, Twanny Darmanin lives in Mellieha, with his wife Violet, and their two children, Amber and Tara. Twanny teaches History of Art at the Targa Gap School for Arts and Crafts.

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