Carmel Bonello was born in Siggiewi, Malta in 1960. Carmel is a born expressionist; his work is primitive and instinctive, improvised and spontaneous. It is rough, wild and uncouth. It is a raw emotion, sensation and feeling. He works with an explosive and dynamic energy. Carmel believes in mood. It is incredible how a few strokes of his brush evoke a mood, an atmosphere. The simplicity and economy in line and composition lend his work clarity and immediacy. His work is packed with dynamic swirls, action and energy. It is forceful, strong and bold. It is the projection of his carefree and cheerful character.

The experience of his mother’s death in his early childhood was so traumatic that it made Carmel quite precocious. Quite often, the main theme of his works is maternity. It inspires the artist and often enough he creates for himself an idealized and positive image of motherhood.  

Carmel Bonello took part in a lot of Collective and as well in Personal Exhibitions. He organized about seven solo exhibitions in Malta and abroad. Among these, one of the most important was the exhibition at “La Flotille”, a restaurant facing the canal in Versailles, in France. Many of his works are to be found in different countries around the world especially in France, Germany, Austria, and Switzerland. Recently, he also opened a permanent exhibition at the Selmun Palace.

Between 1984 and 1988 Carmel attended a four-year diploma course in art studies at the local School of Art under the direction of Joseph L. Mallia. In 1989, Carmel Bonello married Miriam, and they have two children, Daniela and James.

Carmel Bonello, together with his family, resides in Mellieha, where he has his own studio under his house. There, one can find a chosen selection of his best works. Currently, he is teaching art in secondary and post-secondary schools. He also gives private art lessons.

Some of his ink drawings


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